Coyotes Still Sing in My Valley:
Conserving Biodiversity in a Northern City
Edited by Ross W. Wein

In this important volume, Edmontonians will uncover a whole new perspective on their city and an intimate portrait of the conservation community from which this perspective has emerged.
- John Acorn, University of Alberta

Bulging with wonderful insight and information on Edmonton and its
encompassing natural systems, Coyotes Still Sing in My Valley emerges
as a model for all major urban regions.
Naturalists will relish the appealingly clear science, from landscape ecology to urban wildlife biology, which gives depth and context to observations of nature. Scholars and students will better grasp the magic of nature and why science and urban planning matter so much to people around us. Planners will value the impressive foundations for sustainable land-use planning. And all readers will see trajectories for wisely
molding our future.
- Richard T.T. Forman, Ecologist, Harvard University

I would buy this book for the title alone, but the content is just as inspirational. It is about the plants and animals but also about the people, from the Aboriginal history of the region to the volunteers campaigning to save Little Mountain. I was amused to learn that skunks and squirrels generate more complaints by a long way than the coyotes. I recently spent a very enjoyable week in Edmonton, but I wish I had read this book beforehand!
- Keith Kirby, English Nature, Peterborough, UK

This book makes me proud to live in Edmonton, a great northern city of superb natural attributes including wildlife, the river valley, wetlands and natural areas. The numerous authors are heroes ... a veritable who's who of naturalists and environmentalists - they know where to find saw-whet owls at midnight, they know what needs to be saved of our grand city's natural heritage and they know how to save it.
- Peter Lee, Global Forest Watch

Published in 2006
ISBN: ISBN 0-9733864-8-7; e-book ISBN 0-9733864-9-5
8 x 8.5 inches, 376 pages
44 colour illustrations, 18 B&W and 51 colour photos
Softcover: $35.95 in Canada and USA
e-book: $15.95

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