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Squire Davis and the Crazy River

S. Minsos

Published in 2009.
ISBN: 978-177061000-2
Price: softcover $24 (Canada and USA)

London: Photographs by Jerome Martin

Jerome Martin

Published in 2009
ISBN 978-1-77061-002-6
Free download

Tidings of Magpies

Haiku, Senryu, and Tanka

Richard Stevenson

Published in 2008
ISBN 978-0-9780415-6-4
Price: softcover $19.95 (Canada and USA)

The Responsible Use of Health Management
Products for Poultry Production

A Home Study Course for Alberta Producers

Rod Chernos, Dr. Tom Inglis and Dr. Jerome Martin, Editors

Published in 2008
ISBN 978-0-9780415-4-0
ISBN 978-0-9780415-8-8 (e-book) (free download)

Golden Prairie

Jerome Martin

Published in 2007
ISBN 978-0-9780415-3-3

Free download

Twice in a Blue Moon

Poems by Joyce Harries

Published in 2007
ISBN 978-0-9780415-1-9

Coyotes Still Sing in My Valley

Edited by Ross W. Wein

Published in 2006
ISBN 0-9733864-8-7

Cappuccino U

by Jerome Martin

A freely-distributed e-book on the future of learning

Published in 2006
Free download

Living and Loving Each Day: Success in a blended family
by Dr. Henry L. Janzen and Susan C. Janzen

Published in 2005.
livISBN: 0-9731012-9-6
Price: softcover $34.95 ($29.95 US);
e-book $16.95

Weird Tit-for-tat
by S. Minsos

Published in 2004.
ISBN: 0-9733864-1-X
Price: softcover $28.95 ($21.95 US);
e-book $12.95

Gentle into the Darkness: A Deaf Mother's Journey into Alzheimer's
by Patricia Conrad

Published in 2004
Price: softcover $34.95 ($28.95 US)
e-book $16.95

Are you serious?
A family's devastating encounter with brain injury

by Barrie Nowell and Rebecca Nowell

Published in 2004
ISBN: 0-9731012-5-3
Price: softcover $34.95 ($28.95 US)
e-book: $16.95

The City Slicker Chicken and other tales
by Moneca Wilson

Published in 2003
ISBN: 0-9688977-4-6
Price: softcover $21.95 ($14.95 US)
e-book: $10.95

Getting to Know You
by Gerald Hill

Published in 2003
ISBN: 0-9731012-7-X
Price: softcover $19.95 ($14.95 US)
e-book: $9.95

Optimizing Chick Production in Broiler Breeders
by F.E. Robinson, G.M. Fasenko and R.A. Renema

Published in 2003
ISBN: 0-9731012-1-0
Price: softcover $65 ($50 US)

New Developments in Reproduction and Incubation of Broiler Chicks
by F.E. Robinson, G.M. Fasenko and R.A. Renema

Published in 2003
ISBN: 0-9731012-3-7
Price: softcover $195 ($150 US)

Survival Secrets
by Brian Emdin

Published in 2002
ISBN: O-9694665-5-2
Price: softcover $24.95 ($16.95 US)
e-book: $11.95

Culture Clubs: the art of living together
by S. Minsos

Published in 2002.
ISBN: 0-9688977-8-9
Price: softcover $28.95 ($21.95 US)
e-book $12.95

Existence Beyond Reality
by John Wilkinson

Published in 2001
ISBN: 0-9688977-2-X
Price: softcover: $19.95 ($14.95 US)
e-book $9.95

by Gail Sidonie Sobat

Published in 2001
ISBN: 0-9688977-6-2
Price: softcover $19.95 ($14.95)
e-book $9.95

A Passion for Music
by Margaret Matheson

Published in 2001.
ISBN: 0-9688977-0-3
Price: Softcover $34.95 ($21.95 US)
e-book $14.95

Managing Knowledge
Case Studies in Innovation
Edited by Jerome Martin and Kirby Wright

ICE: new writing on hockey.
A collection of poems, essays and short stories
Edited by Dale Jacobs

Second printing, 2005 (with foreword by Roy MacGregor)
ISBN: 0-9694665-4-4
Price: softcover $24.95 ($14.95 US)

Beneath the Horse’s Eye
Poems by Dale Jacobs

Published in 1998.
ISBN: 0-9694665-3-6
Price: softcover $19.95 ($14.95 US)
e-book: $9.95

Recollections and Reflections: 1905-1995
by E. Clifford Knowles

Published in 1996.
ISBN 0-9694665-1-X
Price: softcover $14.95 ($10.95 US)

To the Horizon and Beyond
Edited by Jerome Martin

Published in 1990
ISBN 0-9694665-0-1
Price: softcover $14.95 ($10.95 US)

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