Living and Loving Each Day, Success in a Blended Family
by Dr. Henry L. Janzen and Susan C. Janzen

Spiritual Insight for Blended Families
Authors urge couples to find supportive church
Review by Don Retson, Journal Staff Writer, Edmonton, Saturday, April 1, 2006

Thirty years ago, divorced members of the congregation that Dr. Henry Janzen attended were excommunicated in church.

Not anymore. In Living and Loving Each Day: Success in a Blended Family, Janzen and wife Susan say their church warmly welcomes divorced and single parents.

They suggest other remarried couples find a church that is supportive in all facets of life, even if it means giving up some old friends.

"One cannot change other people, nor gain their acceptance if they are unwilling," the authors say. "It is better to resolve the spiritual and biblical matters for oneself with guidance from supportive church leaders and friends."

Henry Janzen is a professor of psychology at the University of Alberta and was co-host of CJCA's That's Living phone-in radio show, a friendlier version of the Dr. Laura talk show.

Susan Janzen was Edmonton's own Klondike Kate in 1986 and 1987, when her name was Susan Whalen. Today she works as a real estate agent and sings in seniors homes and hospitals with a trio.

Living and Loving Each Day is a story about the love Henry and Susan have for each other and their blended family members. The book which is published by Spotted Cow Press and costs $34.95, offers useful strategies and insights for blended family members.

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