What does a publisher do? Is publishing the same as printing?
Printers print books brought to them by publishers, and, of course, they print other materials as well.
Publishers work with writers, editors, artists and printers to create and market books. Publishers pay for all of the costs involved in producing books and then pay royalties on sales to authors. Publishers work with printers to produce the final product.

Will you publish my book?
Publishers often accept proposals from authors; they also may approach authors with ideas for books. Publishers are interested in high quality books which fit their companies and their budgets. Publishers prefer to publish work from writers who have already published some of their work, preferably in book form but possibly in magazines, newspapers etc.
We are not accepting submissions at this time.

How long does it take to publish a book?
Often it takes longer than publishers and authors would like it to take. It could take up to two years or even more, depending on the work that is required to prepare, edit and revise a manuscript and to do the art work, layout and design.

I can’t find anyone to publish my book. Should I self-publish it?
That is sometimes the only way that some books will appear. There are excellent editors available who will work with you for a reasonable fee to prepare your book, and there are a few free-lance people who will work with you and a printer to produce a good product. After that you will be responsible for marketing your book – one of the most difficult parts of publishing. Some writers have succeeded in this task; others have boxes of books in their basements. In either case, it is a learning experience, but it could be a costly one.

What’s an e-book?
An e-book is an electronic book, produced using software which allows the reader to read and use the book on a computer or a personal digital assistant (PDA) such as a Palm Pilot. E-books are cheaper to produce because one doesn’t print them on paper, but they require the same upfront work that conventional books do.
Watch our Publisher’s Column for an upcoming discussion of e-books and their future.

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