Culture Clubs: the art of living together
by S. Minsos

Are you a complior? A dominator? A defector? And is complior spelled correctly? And should this sentence start and end with the word and?

This is a book about cultures and the culture clubs that each of us belongs to. It’s about lying (we're all liars, says Minsos), competition and mannering. It’s also about the nature and politics of language. Language changes and some of us - some culture clubs - resist change for reasons that we don’t understand.

Dr. Minsos has written a rude book. Neither a postmodernist nor a structuralist, Minsos holds that culture, while important, is just not that important. The book, however, is important to anyone who wants to understand more about culture, language and manners. And that’s the truth!

Published in 2002.
ISBN: 0-9688977-8-9
Price: softcover $28.95 ($21.95 US); e-book $12.95 ($9.95 US)

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