Gentle into the Darkness
A Deaf Mother's Journey into Alzheimer's
by Patricia Conrad

Hendrika Visscher Conrad’s gentle slide into the darkness of Alzheimer’s - her experience unimaginable to those who can hear - is captured in her daughter’s loving memoir.

“Ordinary yet so extraordinary.  Patricia Conrad, as only CODAs (Children of Deaf Adults) know how, poignantly chronicles her deaf mother’s life that is so representative of most deaf people when it comes to family, education, employment and even death. It is so remarkable how Hendrika’s personal accomplishments and struggles in the 20th century as a deaf person remain true for deaf people in the 21st century.”

Linda Cundy, Education Consultant
for the deaf and hard of hearing,
Edmonton Public School Board

“Patricia Conrad’s loving tribute to her mother is an experience shared by so many enveloped in the Alzheimer journey – one that is often very dark for caregivers, children and spouses.”

Kelly McClung, Executive Director,
Alzheimer’s Society of Edmonton

Published in 2004
ISBN: 0-9733864-3-6
Price: softcover $34.95
E-book: $16.95

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