Living and Loving Each Day:
Success in a Blended Family
by Dr. Henry L. Janzen and Susan C. Janzen

The Janzens live the complexities of a blended family every day. They generously share in this warm and clearly written book their personal stories, their insightful interpretations on social, moral, practical and spiritual questions and offer guidelines not only on how to cope, but also on how to grow at peace in your family, living together.

-- Rudy Wiebe, Author, Sweeter Than All The World

Henry and Susan Janzen show how they have developed their strategies for family living based not only on professional expertise, but through their own very real life experiences. Both professionals in the mental health area and blended family members will find useful strategies and insights that will assist them as they master the complexities of day to day living in changing circumstances.

-- John G. Paterson, EdD, Professor Emeritus
University of Alberta, Canada

Living and Loving Each Day, Success in the Blended Family is written as a story about the love of Hank and Sue for each other and for their families. Their profound psychological insights help us all to learn about the complexities of our own lives and how we may best solve our challenges.

-- Carl A. Blashko, M.D., F.R.C.P. (C).
Clinical Professor, Faculty of Medicine
University of Alberta, Canada

Published in 2005
ISBN: 0-9731012-9-6
Price: softcover $34.95 CDN,
$29.95 US
E-book: $16.95

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