New Developments in Reproduction and Incubation of Broiler Chicks

by F.E. Robinson, G.M. Fasenko and
R.A. Renema

The "Problem" and "What does it mean?" format makes this book easy to use and will make it a useful tool in staff training. My copy of this book will soon be well worn as I refer to it, and use it to explain the science behind our program to our hatching egg producers.

- Martin Dyck, Breeder Manager, Lilydale Foods, Alberta

Robinson, Fasenko and Renema have taken highly technical information and presented it in a way that is both interesting and informative to a wide audience. New Developments in Reproduction and Incubation of Broiler Chickens is not only a useful reference, but also a valuable teaching tool for both the classroom and the field. It will be a practical guide for both academic and industry professionals.

- Dr. Derek Emmerson,
VP Research and Development, Aviagen NA

This book provides us with an insight to understanding some of the major challenges for the broiler breeder and the developing embryo. Information is presented in a concise manner and is written so as to be easily understood.

- Dr. Mike Wineland, Professor and Extension Specialist
North Carolina State University

Published in 2003
ISBN: 0-9731012-3-7
Price: softcover $195 ($150 US)

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