Optimizing Chick Production
in Broiler Breeders

by F.E. Robinson, G.M. Fasenko and
R.A. Renema

Managing the broiler breeder is often considered more art than science. Thankfully, the team at the Alberta Poultry Research centre has succeeded in compiling their research efforts into a reference that brings understanding to the art as well as depth to the science.

Great graphics and pictures, logical format and the “What does it mean?” section after each article make this valuable resource tool a ‘must have’ for the broiler breeder production and hatchery managers in the field, and a ‘must read’ for the aspiring student in the classroom.

- Dr. Ken Powell, DVM, Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Lucid coverage [with great illustrations] of reproductive and developmental processes from the breeding flock to the chick for a broad audience ranging from poultry farmer to researcher.

Dr. Paul Siegel, University Distinguished Professor, Virginia Tech
Editor-in-Chief, Poultry Science

Once again the University of Alberta Poultry Research Team has done an excellent job of relaying Broiler Breeder information to the poultry farmers of Canada. Not only does the book contain practical information on the handling of breeders, but it also contains enough technical information to help us understand and react to problems and conditions as experienced on our farms. Thanks for providing us with another useful tool in the managing of our Broiler Breeder operations!

- Terry Fast, Hatching Producer, Ferintosh, Alberta

Published in 2003
ISBN: 0-9731012-1-0
Price: softcover $65 ($50 US)

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