Weird Tit-for-tat
by S. Minsos

Susan Minsos’ highly unusual examination of the games we play with each other in the process of socialization dispenses with traditional game theory and gets right to the heart of one of the big questions of human existence. Why is it that constitutionally selfish human beings are able to devise ways of getting along with each other? Her answer to the big question, as found in Weird Tit-for-tat: the game of our lives, is both intriguing and unconventional.

Prepare yourself to be swept into the vortex of this unique, intuitive, creative and entertaining take on the matrix game we play in this life.

—Dr. W. Andy Knight
Professor, Department of Political Science
McCalla Research Professor, University of Alberta

Weird Tit-for-tat engages, entertains and educates. The book is informed by the great debates of human nature, contemporary game theory, and creative literature and film. Ultimately, though, this book’s unique and thought-provoking insights draw their strength from the author. This fellow player’s careful analysis of socialization demonstrates an exceptional ability to watch, to listen, to synthesize and, most importantly, to make a compelling case with abundant intuition and delightful wit.

– Janine Brodie, University of Alberta, 2004

Published in 2004.
ISBN: 0-9733864-1-X
Price: softcover $28.95 ($21.95 US);
e-book $12.95 ($9.95 US)

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