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Spotted Cow Learning Produces Its First App for the iPad

The need for professionals and workers to engage in continuous learning has never been greater. At the same time, workers are often constrained by a lack of time, limited work place training events and cost factors. There is an opportunity to leverage mobile technology to support learning, in ways that reflect the reality that learning is personal and that individual learners should be able to determine their learning needs and control the learning experience.

Technologies, such as the iPad, can provide access to easy-to-use, modular, practical and affordable learning resources that can be experienced any time and any place. Spotted Cow Learning is a consortium of academics and practitioners who are dedicated to providing quality, accessible, easy-to-use and affordable mobile learning applications designed to provide up-to-date knowledge and skills for busy workers.

Crafting Ideas is the first app produced by Spotted Cow Learning. Crafting Ideas allows learners to explore ways to identify new ideas and develop ways of thinking that can help you work through difficult problems. It is available for iPads through iTunes.

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