The Responsible Use of Health Management
Products for Poultry Production

A Home Study Course for Alberta Producers

Rod Chernos, Dr. Tom Inglis and Dr. Jerome Martin, Editors

The Alberta poultry industry continues to be an agricultural leader. We have been able to achieve this status only through the hard work, dedication, and. most importantly, the cooperation of the four marketing boards and allied industries.

Today’s educated consumers are rightfully demanding safe, nutritious and wholesome food. Our industry has been able to meet this demand by continuing to be innovative and informed and the development of this course on the responsible use of poultry medicines is an example. This course has been written by individuals who are recognized internationally. It would not have come about had it not been for the leadership of Lloyd Johnston and funding from the Alberta Livestock Industry Development Fund.

This home study course is an important resource that our producers have at their disposal to ensure that the food they produce continues to be what our consumers are demanding.

- Rod Chernos

Published in 2008
ISBN 978-0-9780415-4-0
ISBN 978-0-9780415-8-8 (e-book)

Price: softcover $50.00 CDN
ebook: FREE (download here)

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